Maharashtra Chapter: Mumbai Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Past conferences

Past Conferences conducted by MAPMR

IAPMR Midterm CME 2010

MAPMR conference 2011

MAPMR conference 2012

IAPMR Midterm CME 2013

MAPMR conference 2014

MAPMR conference 2015

MAPMR conference 2016

MAPMR conference 2017

MAPMR conference 2018

IAPMR National Conference 2019

IAPMRCON 2019:  Preconference Workshops conducted in AIIPM&R

1. Corrective surgeries in Rehabilitation

2. Urodynamic studies.

Preconference Workshops conducted in KDAH

1. Robotics in Neuro-Rehabilitation.

2. Ultrasound guided Musculoskeletal & Nerve Intervention.

3. Ultrasound guided Botulinum toxin Injection Procedure for Spasticity.

4. Ultrasound guided Spine Intervention.

5. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.