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Welcome to the IAPMRCON2024!

We live in a time and a world characterized by change and uncertainty. In this context, the study of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, in all its forms, is at the core. The state chapter association for scholars - TNIAPMR is engaged in the study, teaching, and application of all aspects of Rehabilitation for the betterment of our people & society.

Our diverse members engage with the essential rehabilitation issues of our time. As such, our scholarship shapes the next generation of researchers, addresses societal concerns, and informs a broad swath of communities outside of academia.

We are organized into various Divisions and Interest Groups, each representing a subfield in the study of PM & R Viz., Neuro Rehab, Paediatric Rehab, SCI Rehab, Critical Care Rehab, Sports Rehab Medicine, Cardiac Rehab, Interventional Pain Rehab, Ergonomics, etc., The breadth of divisions and interest groups is our strength, showcasing our wide- ranging discipline in which different aspects of Rehabilitation are linked not only by common processes and structures but also by diverse theories, practices and methodologies.

Our flagship event is the annual national conference. In the past several years, average registrations have been increasing and indications are that attendance is poised to grow. In 2020 we held our first virtual conference as a consequence of the global Covid-19 pandemic, and we did our two physical conferences in 2021 & 2022.

I on behalf of TNIAPMR, welcome you one and all for this grand event of PM & R, this time at COIMBATORE, Tamilnadu, a very well known part of INDIA for its unique and special hospitality.

Dr. T.S.Chellakumarasamy

President,TNIAPMR(2022-24) &
Organising Chairman, IAPMRCON 2024

97508 96666


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